We don’t take reservation without receiving partial payment.

We clean your room every day. And we change sheets once a two day.
You can ask house keeper to change sheet every day to the extra cost of RS 900

Regular boat transfer to beach is 09.30 am / 12.30 pm to beach, outside of this hours we will charge 10euro

We do not charge service charge, unless we serve food and drinks out-side of restaurant.

We do not give permission to bring food or drinks brought from outside, management has right to apply service fee for misconduct.

We accept Euro, USD at bank exchange rate for credit card bank fee of 3.5% is charged.

Room charge are collected on check-in

Privacy Policy

Privacy is fundamental human right, having said this we need to satisfy some legal requirements.

We collect your personal details and passport details, this is required legally.
We will only contact you once or twice to get feedback.
We don’t sell this information to third party.
Property is monitored by CCTV for your security only, only the owner has access; deleted automatically after set period.