Kite Trips

Come and experience some of the vast World class kiting spots that this part of Sri Lanka has to offer! Accessible by car or sometimes only boat, there are lots of spots that are suitable for beginners while others are only suitable for experienced riders. Kite trips can be organized on request. Just get in contact with us for more information and to find out about availability.

Spots around Kalpitiya

Puttalam Lagoon

This massive lagoon offers a vast array of shallow, flat water spots. If you are attempting your first downwinder, this is a great place to start. Whether you are a veteran or novice kitesurfer, the lagoon is yours to explore!

Mandala Kuda

One of the uncrowded spots in the Puttalam Lagoon. With shallow waters for as far as you can imagine, this spot is ideal for progression. Not advisable for complete beginners, but early intermediate till advanced riders will love it!

Kalpitiya Lagoon

One of the main teaching spots in Kalpitiya because of it’s shallow and flat waters. When you want to give the waves a try, the Indian Ocean is just a short walk away. Located 10 minutes away by boat, this is the fastest go-to spot from our resort.

Dream Spot

A short 15 minute boat trip from within the Kalpitiya Lagoon to this spot where the Indian Ocean and the Kalpitiya Lagoon gets seperated
by sandbank. Again the best of both kiting worlds on offer. Come and enjoy the waves on the ocean side or hop over to shred the butter flat, beginner friendly water in the lagoon.

Donkey Point

If wave riding is your thing then Donkey Point will be our recommendation! Located in the area of Kandakuliya, this can also be the ending point or starting point of some epic downwinders in the Indian Ocean. About 25 mins by car from our resort.

Vellai Island

Described by some as the best kitesurfing spot in in the whole of Kalpitiya. Choose between waves or flat water. Roughly a one hour boat ride from our resort, this makes for a fun full day kite trip. If you have ever dreamed about kiting in an isolated flat water paradise then this is the spot to choose.

Portugal Bay

Take a boat ride or even a downwind trip through the Dutch Bay Lagoon to reach Portugal Bay, where endless flat water sections and big massive open and uncrowded spaces waits you. Experience what kiting in isolation feels like!

Kappalady Lagoon

Two small lagoons offering some of the best flat water conditions. Recommended for all levels of kiting. This is a spot you simply cannot miss!

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