Welcome to Valampuri kitesurfing Resort in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Valampuri kitesurfing resort kalpitiya srilanka

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort is a family owned run hotel and kitecenter, located on the banks of the kalpitiya lagoon, in the north west region of Sri Lanka.

Valampuri is any shell that turns anty-clock as to to normally clock wise turn;  we stick to the principle and try to offer you difrent experience.

The resort is situated within a coconut plantation, and the area consists of over 10,000 square meters, with large garden and lots of open spaces and privacy and serenity for our guest. Most of our chalets are made with traditional techniques from local material such as wood and coconut leaves. Lots of love and care went in to making these chalet accommodation. At our open sea food restaurant you can enjoy healthy local fruits and food. We serve sri lankan cuisine mostly, this is because if you come to Sri Lanka you should eate sri lankan; but we do serve some western dishes, and vegan options available.

We cook and make fresh food and we buy it locally. We are in a fishing village so all our seafood is fresh and delicious. There is a huge beautiful swimming pool with jacuzzi where you can relax and enjoy our cocktails and refreshing drinks such as our guest favorite Lime and min at our pool bar.

We Offer a Variety of
activities Kalpitiya Sri lanka

Kitesurfing Center
Kitesurfing rentals
Kitesurfing trips
Kite safari
kitesurf Downwinder
Kayaking in lagoon
Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
Boat Ride
Fishing tours
Mangrove explore
River safari
Willpathu Tour
Crab hunting
Baobop lagoon tour
Island hoping tour
Slack line
Dolphin watching
Whale watching
Bird watching
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Valampuri Kite Resort provides all the features to enjoy kite surfing in a professional way. Our kite school offers courses which suit your needs, from complete beginner to intermediate and advanced level.
Valampuri kite resort is IKO affiliated, kitesurfing center , we adhere to IKO standers. The wind condition in Kalpitiya lagoon ranges from 18 to 22 Knots, this creates the ideal conditions for kitesurf. Plus, we also have no-wind activities and excursions. The kite surfing season in Kalpitiya is from May to October, in winter there are temperatures of around 29 degrees. From mid-December to March good wind conditions can also be experienced in the afternoons. Kalpitiya provides numerous locations with varying wind conditions. We organize kite trips to these locations, such as the beautiful island of Vellai of Sri lanka

Besides kitesurfing, in sri lanka we also have other exciting activities, such as free kayaks for our guests, dolphin watching, whale watching tours, scuba diving and snorkeling, lagoon tours , Wilpattu National Park , fishing and more. We are happy to say that we have many eco-friendly and sustainable goals like hiring local staff, recycling, using recycled materials for our constructions, reducing the use of plastic and many more.

We welcome you and your loved ones to experience