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Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort is a family-owned and operated hotel and kite center, situated on the banks of the Kalpitiya Lagoon in the northwest region of Sri Lanka. "Valampuri" refers to a type of shell that turns anticlockwise, in contrast to the typical clockwise turn, and we embrace this principle by offering unique experiences to our guests. The resort is located within a vast coconut plantation, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters. Our grounds include a large garden and plenty of open spaces, providing our guests with privacy and serenity during their stay.

Most of our chalets at Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort are constructed using traditional techniques and local materials, such as wood and coconut leaves. A great deal of love and care has gone into crafting these unique accommodations.Additionally, we invite you to visit our open seafood restaurant, where you can savor healthy local fruits and dishes.

At Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort, we primarily serve Sri Lankan cuisine, as we believe that if you are visiting Sri Lanka, you should try the local food. However, we also offer some Western dishes, as well as vegan options. We take pride in cooking fresh food using locally sourced ingredients. As we are situated in a fishing village, our seafood is always fresh and delicious. In addition, we offer a huge and beautiful swimming pool with a jacuzzi where you can unwind and enjoy our refreshing cocktails and drinks. One of our guest favorites is the Lime and Mint, which you can find at our pool bar.

Kitebording Kalpitiya

Resort offers easy access via road, and is located within a 15-minute walking distance to Kalpitiya town and the main bus stand. The town offers various amenities, including restaurants, pharmacies, medical services, and a fruit and vegetable market. Additionally, we are located only 10 minutes away from the main Kalpitiya lagoon, and we provide boat transfers to other kitesurfing spots, including Dream Spots, Vellai, and downwinders.

We Offer a Variety of activities Kalpitiya Sri lanka

kitesurfing Center


Slack Line


Dolphin Watching


Kitesurfing Rentals


Boat Ride


Bird Watching


Kitesurfing Trips




Kitesurfing Safari


Willpathu Tour


Kitesurfing Downwinder


Kayaking In Lagoon


Stand Up Paddle (SUP)


Fishing Tours


Mangrove Explore


River Safari


Crab Huntting


Baobop Lagoon Tour


Island Hoping Downwinder


Whale Watching


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Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has had the reputation of being one of the windiest places in Asia for quite some time now. This beautiful island offers numerous unspoiled and uncrowded kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya, which have blissfully remained under the radar. The combination of flat water lagoons and strong winds make Sri Lanka an ideal destination for epic watersport adventures. It truly is a little island paradise for kitesurfers.

Kitesurfing paradise Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is located three hours away from the main airport in Sri Lanka, and the peninsula stretches over 40 kilometers. It is a popular destination among kite surfers of all levels. The area boasts reliable winds and shallow lagoons filled with flat water, making it an idyllic setting not only for free riders and wakestyle enthusiasts, but also for beginners.

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort offers all your kitesurfing needs, including kitesurf lessons, kite rentals, accommodations, and awesome kitesurfing safaris/trips. We also provide a range of other activities in the lagoons, and kite surfers can benefit from special discounts, free beach transfers, beach assistance, and access to our outdoor swimming pool. In addition to kitesurfing, we offer other activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), slacklining, and a variety of board games to enjoy in our large common area.

Kitesurfing Equipment

The kitesurfing center at Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort has all the equipment and safety gear necessary to provide lessons and rentals. Most of our kites are from Nobile Kiteboarding, and we stock a range of sea kites, directional boards, and foil boards. You can rent full equipment from us, or choose to rent individual items such as boards, kites, and harnesses.

Kitesurfing Price

We offer a range of kite surfing lesson packages to suit your needs. For beginners, we offer level 1 lessons, while intermediate level lessons include both level 1 and 2, and cost 390€ for 9 hours of private lessons. The advanced level package covers all three levels and costs around 540€ for private lessons. Please note that these prices apply only to private lessons. You can also choose to take group lessons. We are proud to say that our lessons are conducted by IKO-certified instructors who prioritize safety and tailor the lessons to meet your individual needs.

Kitesurfing equipment rental

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort primarily uses Nobile kiteboarding equipment, but we also have other brands such as North, Liquid Force, and HK. Equipment can be rented for a full day or half-day, and you can choose to rent the kite only, board only, harness, etc... All equipment rentals include a boat transfer to the kite spot, beach assistance, and access to a beach hut. We also have a rescue boat on standby for your safety.

Valampuri Kite School

Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort offers all your kitesurfing needs, including lessons, kite equipment rental, accommodations, as well as kite safaris to Dream Spot, Vellai, and other favorite spots, and downwinders to and from Vellai, Uchchimuni, Ippanthevu, and Dream Spot. Free beach transfer and beach assistance are available for those taking lessons and equipment rental, and Wi-Fi is provided in the beach huts.

The resort is an IKO affiliated center and offers lessons for beginners as well as advanced riders with a team of IKO certified instructors who have years of experience in teaching. The center also offers kite safaris to Dream Spot, Vellai, and other favorite spots, as well as downwinders. Beach assistance, kayak rental, boat rescue, free beach transfers, and more personalized assistance are included, along with free Wi-Fi in the beach huts.

Kitesurfing Lessons

Enjoy your kitesurfing lessons with our passionate, IKO certified instructors in the shallow and flat water, which provide ideal conditions for faster progress. Lessons are customized according to your needs and level, and are divided into 3 levels:
- Level 1: Wind theory, kite control, equipment setup, and safety system.
- Level 2: Water pre-launch, self-rescue, water start, and body drags.
- TLevel 3: You become an independent rider and learn some exciting tricks and techniques.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! We also offer shady cabins to relax, boat transfers, an IKO card and registration on the IKO database upon completion of the course. Above all, your safety is our top priority. So, why wait?

Kitesurfing seasons in Kalpitiya

There are two kite surfing seasons: winter and summer. The summer season starts from the middle of May to the end of October, with winds of up to 25 knots during the day. The winter season starts from the middle of December till March, with afternoon winds and wind speeds of up to 23 knots sometimes seen in the late afternoon.