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A complete guide To Kitesurfing Seasons in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya receives steady and reliable wind 9 months out of the year. It boasts 14 lagoons offering the best kite surfing spots in Sri Lanka with conditions suited for beginners and independent riders alike, it can be said Kalpitiya also known as wind capital of Asia.

Kitesurfing Season Sri Lanka Summer May – October

Strong wind – Mid may to end of September
Wind speed: 15 - 25 kts
Wind direction: South West
Sea: Choppy, Larger Waves
Lagoon: Flat
Sea water color: Brownish (from dispersed sand).
Average kite size: 9 meter.
Wind 24 hours

Kite Safaris
Standup Paddling
Wild life safari
Boat Ride.

During the summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka, the wind in Kalpitiya lagoon can be somewhat gusty, but other spots like Dream-Spot and Vellai receive some of the best wind in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the summer season is also the peak season for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, with fully exposed strong and consistent winds ranging between 20-27 kts on average. Valampuri Kitesurfing Resort is an ideal location for traveling to various spots around Kalpitiya.

Kitesurfing Season Sri Lanka Winter December – March

Strong wind – Mid December to end of end of February
Wind speed: 12 - 20 kts
Wind direction: North West
Sea: Flat, small waves only
Lagoon: Flat
Sea water color: Blue
Average kite size: 12 Meter
Wind normally in the afternoon only

Kite Safaris
Dolphin Watching
Standup Paddling
Wild life safari
Boat ride.

The kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka during the winter months runs from mid-December to the end of February.

The winter season is different from the summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. Mornings are calm with a favorable NW offshore breeze, and the calm sea in its turquoise colors invites one to swim, snorkel, and watch dolphins.

Around midday, the wind changes, picking up to a nice consistent 15-20kts and blowing throughout the entire afternoon until after an awesome sunset.

Srilanka kitesurfing season and kalpitiya wind statistics month by month

Winter season: Kalpitiya Lagoon get the best wind

December: The wind starts to pick up from the beginning of December, but strong wind of 18 to 20 knots can be expected in late December. Afternoon wind lasts up until sunset. If there is rain during this time, there may be no wind, and also during full moon. During no wind days, excursions to various UNESCO heritage sites around Sri Lanka can be arranged.

January is ideal conditions for kitesurfing and the wind is not gusty offshore wind. No wind days are predictable during full moon days, with an average of good wind for more than 25 days. The wind speed can be from 16 to 22 knots during the afternoon, and the ideal kite to use is 12 meters.

February just like January, is perfect for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. No wind days are predictable during full moon days, with more than 25 days of wind

March : Wind is not guaranteed during this month, and over the years, we have had wind. Wind up to the middle of the month can be expected. This is the end of the winter season.

April Kitesurfing is not possible during this time. There are other things to do in Kalpitiya, such as wildlife safari and lagoon tour.

Summer wind season best location, kalpitiya lagoon, dream spot vellai and kalpitiya.

May Wind can be expected to pick up from the beginning of May. On average, stronger wind can be experienced in late May. Again, wind during May cannot be predicted. Rain can be expected at the beginning of May. As soon as the rain stops, the wind will start to pick up. Wind speed of 18 to 25 knots can be seen, and Kalpitiya kite lagoon is not crowded.

June Beginning to end of the month, wind blows 24 hours a day. On average, wind of 20-28 knots can be expected during this month, and you can use a 9-meter kite on average. Just like the winter season, no-wind days are predictable on full moon days, and wind days of more than 25 days on average

July This is the peak season and the peak for the wind season in Kalpitiya. Good wind can be expected every day except during full moon days. On average, before, during, and after full moon, no wind can be expected, which is extremely unpredictable. On average, 3 to 5 days of no wind can be expected during this month

August This is also the peak season and peak for wind conditions. No-wind days can be expected during full moon. The best kite trips to Dream Spot and Vellai can be done during August.

September Wind cannot be predicted during this month. On average, 15 to 20 days of wind can be expected. Early September is ideally the best time for kitesurfing trips to Kalpitiya.

October Wind is not predictable, and if you are planning a kitesurfing trip, we suggest you use Wind Guru Kalpitiya to make any kite trip plans. Very light wind can be expected until the middle of October. If it starts to rain in October, the wind will drop, and this will be the end of the season.

November There is no wind in November, and it is not possible to kitesurf in Sri Lanka. Other activities you can do are dolphin and whale watching, along with wildlife safari to Wilpattu.

1. Kalpitiya Lagoon is ideally accessible throughout the year with a transfer time of 10 minutes by boat from the resort.
2. Kapalady Lagoon is accessible from May till September with a transfer time of 20 minutes by vehicle from the resort.
3. Donkey spot waves spot is accessible from May till September but not suitable for beginners, with a transfer time of 20 minutes from the resort.
4. Puthlam Lagoon is accessible during May till September with a transfer time of 20 minutes from the resort, offering flatwater lagoon.
5. Vellai Island is best from May till October, offering flatwater ocean with a boat ride of 45 minutes from Valampuri Kite Resort.
6. Dream spot is the closest spot to the main Kalpitiya Lagoon side with a boat ride of 15 minutes, mostly flatwater but can be choppy on strong winds, ideal from May to October.
7. Ippanthevu is accessible during both summer and winter months with a boat ride of 20 minutes, ideal all year round.
8. Mandalakuda is close to Kalpitiya and accessible ideally from mid-May to October, but only for experienced riders due to launching and landing, with a transfer time of 15 minutes from the resort.

Ideal downwind = vellai, Ippanthevu and dreamspot; this downwinder is available from our tours