Wilpattu national park and copper sand safari

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Wilpattu national park and copper sand safari

Enjoy the wild life adventure with the historical Aryan prince Vijaya’s landing point

Wilpattu is Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest national park, name derives from Tamil language, “willu” means lakes and “pattu” means ten. The Aryan prince Vijaya landed and found princess Kuveni at copper sand according to mahawansa Sri Lankan history. Earlier this location called as “Thambapanni”


leopard on tree

willpathu leopard on tree

wilpattu is renowned for its leopard’s population.

During the civil war willpattu was closed for period of 16 years, and 25% of the park is accessible due to dense forest or scrubs.


In 1905 the area was designated a sanctuary and in 1938 it was upgraded to the National Park status.’

copper sand

31 species of mammals have been identified within Wilpattu; most of them are listed as endangered.

Such as elephant, sloth bear, leopard, water buffalo, spotted deer, Sambar deer, and many species of monkeys.

Other crocodile, python, monitor lizard

Why do you want to try wilpattu national park and copper sand safari with us?

Experienced guide will make your safari comfortable and joyful

Make your safari more than an adventure with the visit of copper sand with us

Boat ride from resort to safari jeep point will give you new experience than two hours of long journey to the park entrance

We arrange all arrangements for whole tour including meals, water, insect replant etc

Choosy half day or full day safari (full day safari recommended for maximum chances to spot wild animals and copper sand visit)

89 identified leopards


Safari in brief

Full day safari  06:00 am to 06:00 pm

Half day safari  06:00 am to 012:00 noon

12:00 noon to 06:00 pm


We will start the journey from our Valampuri kite resort exact time according to your safari plane to jetty. From there our guide will pick you by boat to the safari jeep point. It will take 20 minutes to 40 minutes to reach safari jeep point. From jeep point registered safari jeep driver with comfortable jeep will pick you to explore the national park. We will pack and give you meals, water and essentials. After your exploration our boat rider will pick you from safari jeep point. You can reach the resort back around 06:00 pm by boat



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