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Are you looking for a place where you can release all tensions for reconnecting fully with the Now ? Valampuri Resort offers wellness retreats in Sri Lanka, where you can find your inner peace while enjoying the calmness of Kalpitiya.


Group Idea

Ideal for a group of 5-15 people.

Price 120 Euro/pers. (accommodation & food not included)

Are you a group of collaborators looking to take a big breath before the next semester of work? Come and enjoy a transformational experience that will improve your daily life with simple yet efficient techniques. The first day focuses on relaxation and how to connect with the present, the second on awareness and how to balance our goals professionally and personally, and the last on building trust for solid communication and serenity within your team.

Don't miss this opportunity for positive impact on your teamwork!

The package includes:

2 yoga and 1 meditation class per day
1 sound healing relaxation treatment
Daily workshops


Mindfulness Retreat

Price 200 Euro/pers. (accommodation & food not included)

Allow yourself to surrender and feel truly at peace with your own energy after experiencing the transformation that meditation & yoga can bring physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Mindfulness means being fully aware in each present moment, and it could transform the way you go about your daily life. By paying more attention to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you, you can vastly improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

The package includes:

2 Meditation class & 2 Yoga classes daily
1 Sound Healing treatment
Daily workshops


Burned out Retreat

Price 200 Euro/pers. (accommodation & food not included)

Does a tiny detail make you feel tired or angry? Is your mind preoccupied with work even in your private space? Join us for a transformational retreat that resets your mind, emotions, and body. Discover your inner power and purpose in life, and regain a focused mind, healthy body, and better relationships. Package includes daily yoga and meditation classes, sound healing treatment, and workshops.

The package includes:

1 meditation class & 2 yoga classes daily
1 sound healing treatment specific to your needs
Daily workshops