An Eco-Resort Based on Recycled Material

Valampuri Kite Resort Pool View

Whenever possible, we used local and recycled materials to construct our property. Our tables were made from old pallets and Kohomba (Margosa) trees, while our chairs were crafted from leftover wood.

Our secluded cabanas are nestled among tall coconut trees, which provide ample shade and create a tropical landscape. Palmyra leaves surround the cabanas, adding an extra layer of privacy, while coconut thatch covers the roofs.

The roof structure allows cool breezes to enter and ventilate the rooms, minimizing the need for artificial ventilation or air conditioning.

As part of a trial period, we will be growing fresh vegetables on our resort premises.

Support the Local Community

Support local community

We prioritize local operations.

Almost all of our staff come from the local village within a one-kilometer radius, and we have trained and helped them to become stewards, supervisors, and pool managers.

We source all our food from local fishermen, as well as local vegetables and fruits.

Local villagers lead the tours and activities we offer to our guests, and we only outsource when competence or availability requires it.

To support the local community's handicrafts, we have a gift shop that sells bracelets, chain ear studs made out of seashells.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Repeat

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It has been challenging to combine our ethical beliefs with our business practices, but we are satisfied with the results. We currently recycle food waste by feeding it to local animals and practice trash separation, including bringing plastic containers for recycling.

To reduce the use of chemicals, our new pool uses a saltwater chlorination system. Our water filtration system allows guests to refill provided glass containers, eliminating plastic bottle usage in our resort.

Laundry uses a lot of water and electricity, and microfibers are a big issue in the wastewater system; hence, we change sheets every two days.

We have banned the use of straws and reduced the use of plastic. We also use energy-efficient lighting and keep lights to a minimum after everyone goes to bed.

For general use, we use ground water that is filtered. Our hand-picked garden plants do not need frequent watering, even during dry seasons.

Leverage Natural Solar Energy

Night Pool View

Currently, our resort is fully powered by the city grid.

To transition to a more sustainable source, we plan to install solar panels. This will enable us to be off the grid during the day, powering lights, small appliances, internet, kitchen, cabanas, and providing hot water in most showers to some extent, among other things. Basically, everything except for air conditioning.