The beginning

This project was a dream in 2015, it was hard work to make it a reality.

when we begin this project with my friend land was dumping yard, took us three or more month to clean it up. we know what we wanted to do, after living inside the concrete boxes for so long we wanted get in touch with nature, hence the eco projet was born and to get in touch with the nature.

Along comes uncle shell aka sangu mama, explained significance of valampuri shell hence the valampuri resort was born.

The word valampuri in the Tamil language means “Left Spiral”. If describes a rare shell, one in a million, which uniquely spirals counter-clockwise. Hindus believe it brings wealth and success.

Our Philosophy


  • Minimum damage to environment
  • Simple living
  • local first
  • Healthy living
  • Reduce waste
  • Share good energy
  • Recycle, Reuse, Reduce – Repeat




  • Going off grid
  • Use our 10,000 land for veg and fruits
  • Micro fiber free
  • Cardio fitness center
  • Alcohol free resort
  • Meditation yoga center
  • Ornamental shell work shop