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SPA – Sounds Therapy – Yoga

Valampuri Spa & Wellness offers luxurious treatments, healing therapies, friendly service, and the highest quality products possible in an environment to feel at home in while you relax and unwind.Escape the fast pace of life and relax in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Soothe your senses, renew your energy and reaffirm your individual beauty.

comprehensive menu of pampering and relaxing treatments for our guests’ enjoyment. Our treatments give a touch of luxury and total relaxation. You can relax and trust that the treatments are done in a professional manner for you in selected industry-leading products, competently and without haste. Feel good over the entire body.

Terms & Conditions

    • We hope that you will come on time before the start of treatment. When booking, do not forget to mention about pregnancy, allergies or other diseases that may affect the treatment. Treatments have limitations.
    • Report any cancellations on the previous day at 16 o’clock. If the cancellation is made, we will charge 50% of the cost of the treatment. If the booked service is not used and reported before the cancellation, we will charge the total price of the reserved treatment.

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