Seafood restaurant

Soul food and healthy food for your body, this is our moto; also our food is unique in that which we take away or another flavor well known dishes, which means we will have this only at our restaurant.


We make fresh juice and smoothies from every day such as pineapple, watermelon,papaya and banana, this is available all year around, some fruits are seasonal such as mangoes, we make juice from our own fruits, we have planted pomegranate and papaya some times we make own use of it.we have also large vegetable garden, in which we grow okra, beans, aubergine,etc some times we make use of this, we have also planned to make herbal garden in the futureWe also local beer, as well as international cocktails to wind down after whole day of kitesurfing; our bar manager has perfected arrack cocktails, Old arrack is locally made from coconut sap, this you must try.Our bar has expresso,specially sourced premium beans come from high lands of Sri lanka, you need to try our unique flavored cappuccinos.


Kalpaitiya is a fishing village and locals rely heavily on this industry and we get seafood in abundance in seasons, We get all kind of fishes including Tuna, Cuttlefish fish, Prawns, Lobster, and oysters (lobster and oysters by request only).Nonacholai vegetable farm land is important region in country, where we source all the vegetables and fruits we need and we pride our self in only sourcing local fruits and veg most of the time, this also reduces carbon foot print in transporting goods over the long distances.We always experiment with different flavors, to give you best possible unique flavors.Our restaurant is focused on seafood, but we also have vegan,row vegans etc, on out menu we have wide range of dishes, Sri Lankan, pasta, wraps, Chinese and our won creations. In peak season its not possible to cook  la carte for 40 or people for this reason we do buffet only with vegan options available; we can make exceptions if you order in advance.


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