Private9 hours350 € *
Couple9 hours500 € *
Private6 hours250 € *
Couple6 hours350 € *
Private1 hours50 € *
Couple1 hours60 € *
* Includes all gear and transport to and from the lesson location
* Group / Couple prices are full price for two people
* Pro rata charges will only apply on 80% completion of the preferred kite course. Hourly rates will apply otherwise
* All lessons are charged per hourly basis. Part hourly rates will only apply under certain circumstances, Eg. no-wind, MIn two hours
* 15% discount on accommodation booked via email if you lessons over 6 or 9 hours, advance payment of 15% required
price include
* IKO certified card
* beach hut
* beach assistance
* all necessary equipment
Full board lessonsPEOPLEHOURSPRICE
Zero to Hero
7 days/6 Night
1 Person9 hours595 € / Full-board *
Zero to Hero
7 days/ 6 Night
2 People9 hours990€ / Full-board *
Full-board, kite rental and accommodation2 peopleprice
3 days2 people, 1 kite400 € price
* Accommodation in a Traditional Chalet with Ensuit Bathroom and Double Bed
* Free Wi-Fi
* Kitesurfing Lessons in hours (Includes al gear and equipment plus transfer to lessons location)
* AC rooms available at additional charge
* all the offers are only available when booked direct,
* Offer cannot be changed in any way, if you want to change then it will not be coincided an offer.