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Valampuri Kite Resort: what we offer?

"The word 'Valampuri' in the Tamil language means 'Left Spiral'. It describes a rare shell that uniquely spirals counter-clockwise, bringing wealth and success according to Hindu beliefs. These were the concepts that inspired us when creating our eco-resort, where we seek to learn from nature's wisdom and provide a space for visitors to spiral inward. While our cabins may look similar from the outside, each one is uniquely designed with natural, locally-sourced, recycled materials and traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship. We welcome nature inside rather than sealing it off, and our 2.5-acre property offers a calm and peaceful environment for yoga, meditation, or simply relaxing."

All of our cabins and huts are situated on a 2.5-acre property, creating a calm and peaceful environment perfect for yoga and meditation or just relaxation. Our Seafood Restaurant serves a gentle fusion of Sri Lankan and Western cuisine, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We cater to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, and gluten-free. Our staff members come from the surrounding communities, and we are dedicated to supporting their personal and professional growth.

Valampuri Resort

The beginning of Valampuri Kite Resort in Kalpitiya

This project started as a dream in 2015, and after a lot of hard work, it became a reality. When my friend and I began building this project, the land was a dumping yard, and it took up to four months just to clean it up. We created an eco-resort because I always lived in "concrete boxes," meaning all four walls are cemented, which is why we wanted to build the resort and get in touch with nature. During this process, we met Uncle Shell, also known as Sangu Mama, and he explained the meaning of Valampuri. We realized it was the perfect name! The word "Valampuri" in the Tamil language means "Left Spiral." It describes a rare shell, one in a million, which uniquely spirals counterclockwise. Hindus believe it brings wealth and success.

Our Philosophy

We are an eco-resort, run by people with environmental concerns; this is why we apply the following philosophy in Valampuri Kite Resort:

» Minimum damage to environment
» Simple living
» Local first
» Healthy living
» Reduce waste
» Share good energy and vibes
» Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Repeat

Valampuri Eco Resort Food

Our Vision

We are living in the moment, being mindful, but we also care about the future of the planet where our children and grandchildren will live. We want them to enjoy nature and have healthy lives. That is why our vision while running Valampuri Kite Resort includes:

» Going-off-grid.
» Using our 10,000 sq. meters of land for growing vegetables, fruits, and plants.
» Microfiber-free
» Alcohol-free resort.
» Meditation and yoga practice.
» Ornaments and decorations built with natural elements like shells.

Valampuri Resort pool View