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Choose Valampuri Kitesurfing resort for your best kitesurfing lessons and kitesurfing equpment rental and vibes in Sri Lanka! Our handpicked instructors Kobus, Jeeva and Samara are IKO (International kiteboarding organizing).

All of them have min of 3 years or above experience and hundreds of student over the years. All of them have good level of English communication skills and have lots of patients.

Your safty is also important to us We have experience in teaching young children to older people. Some people progress faster than other people and we customize your lesson according to your need.

We pride our-self in proving personalized service to your level and needs.We have seen over the years people learn differently and at different speed.

What is included in your lessons?

Safety equipment, transport by boat, kitesurfing equipment, IKO card and registration on the database, cabin in the kalpitiya beach for shade etc; No additional fee is included.

Our IKO instructors are passionate about kitesurfing in kalpitiya and enjoy teaching and the experience by meeting new people.

Kalpitiya lagoon, provides safe environment and the shallow and flat water which provides ideal condition for faster progress.

IKO instructors know the kalpitiya kitesurfing lagoon very well and keep an eye on you and hold on to you until they are satisfied they can let you kitesurf freely on kalpitiya lagoon.

on completion of your kitesurfing course, you get your IKO Kitesurfing card and register you on IKO database, the card allowing you to rent equipment not only in Sri Lanka, but worldwide.

By take your kitesurfing lessons with Valampuri kitesurfing resort, will be unforgettable experience of your life time, hopefully be unforgettable experience of your life time to keep on progressing to the next levels.

Kitesurfing season in kalpitiya sri lanka

  • Winter Season: From 15 December to 01 March ​
  • Summer Season: From 15 May to 01 October
Kitesurfing Lesson Level 1:

• Theory of wind, weather and hazards on the beach

• S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment, Holding, Carrying and Securing a Kite on Land

• Kite Set Up

• Usage of the 3 steps safety systems • Pre-Flight Check

• In flight Quick Release Activation

• Launching and Landing as an Assistant

• First Piloting and Explore the Wind Window’s Edge

• Let Go of the Bar

• Twist and Untwist the Lines

• Trim Discovery

• Flying One-Handed

• Walking While Flying the Kite

• Wind Window Theory

• Self-Landing

• Equipment Packing Teaching hours recommendation To achieve this level from zero,

Kitesurfing Lesson Level 2:

It’s time to connect with the water, this is where the fun begins, but also your skills will be put at test. Here you will feel the full potential of the kite, you will not only learn how to body drag in all directions and how to use the power of the kite, but also how to relaunch the kite in the water and how to do self-rescue technique. Finally you will taste what you came for- First Water Start!

• Enter and Exit the Water While Controlling the Kite

• Water Relaunch

• Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery

• Side Body Drag with 2 Hands

• Body Drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides

• Body Drag Upwind • Body Drag with the board

• R.O.W (Right of Way) Rules

• Power Strokes

• Steady Pull

• Water Start Teaching hours recommendation

Kitesurfing Lesson Level 3:

It’s time to be a medium between two elements and become an independent rider.The more you learn, the more passionate you will become about kiteboarding! In this step you will not only master few necessary tools like riding up wind, controlling the speed or transition, but also few fun tricks, like toe-side ride or turn. Of course as the skills of riding go up, so the level of safety skills does

• Controlled Stop

• Control of Riding Speed by Edging • Self-Launching

• Self-Rescue and Pack Down in Deep Water • Riding Up Wind

• Sliding Transitions

• Toe-Side Riding

• Toe-Side Turn Teaching hours recommendation To achieve this level from zero,

we recommend to complete the following kitesurfing teaching hours

•GROUP: 4h


we recommend to complete the following kitesurfing teaching hours:

• GROUP: 7h


we recommend to complete the following kitesurfing teaching hours:

• GROUP: 11h



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Beginner Course: Private

350 €

Per Person
  • 9 Hours
  • One-on-one Tuition
  • IKO Qualified Instructor
  • 1 free sports massage(
  • Includes Boat Transfer
  • IKO Card at end of course
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Beginner Course: Group

250 €

Per Person
  • 9 Hours
  • 2 Students / 1 Instructor
  • IKO Qualified Instructor
  • Includes Boat Transfer
  • IKO Card at end of course
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Hourly Rate: Private/Group

50/30 €

Per Person
  • One-on-one Tuition
  • MAx 2 People in a group
  • Refresh your skills
  • Learn that next trick
  • Includes Boat Transfer
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iteboarding Sri Lanka uses all locally produced equipment that are designed, tested and manufactured to deal with the Sri Lankan conditions

Our primary partner is Nobile Kiteboarding

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