Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is renowned for its excellent winds throughout the year, particularly during mid May to September when the winds are more constant and reliable. There are several spots for everyone ranging from flat water lagoons for beginners, wave riding spots in the Indian Ocean for serious kiters, as well as opportunities for kite trips to over a dozen other sandbanks and nearby tiny islands. There is ample space for uncrowded kitesurfing sessions, making Kalpitiya a haven for kiters!

To make your visit to Kalpitiya an unforgettable kiting experience we offer the following services:

Kiteboarding Sri Lanka in partnership with Valampuri Resort , is a Kitesurfing Resort offering our guests Accomodation, Kitesurfing Lessons, Kite Rentals, Kitesurfing Trips as well as a range of other activities.

Located on the banks of Kalpitiya lagoon, we are just a short boat ride away from some of the best kitesurfing spots on offer in Kalpitiya.

Our resort is centrally located and in close proximity to everything that you will need during your stay as a kitesurfer in Kalpitiya. Whether you need to perfect your riding style in beginner friendly conditions, work on your wave riding skills or experience an epic trip to an unspoiled kiting destination, we have you covered!

Take a boat ride to your ideal kiting spot or use one of our bicycles to quickly hop into town before the wind picks up…