How to go from Colombo/Negombo to Kalpitiya?

There are more then 4 ways to get to kalpitiya, Cheapest would be bus but time consuming, we don’t recommend this for families with small children; easiest and hassle free option would be to use private taxi.

You can get a bus in front of the airport to Colombo Pettah bus station near Colombo fort train station , the trip will cost you less than 1 usd . The express bus HighWay-Bus will reach Colombo in one hour . The buses are available from 5:30 am until 8:30 pm and depart each 30 minutes .

From Colombo to Kalpitiya :

Kalpitiya is 170 Km from Pettah main bus station, average bus journey takes around 4 to 5 hours, could take longer depend on the time and the route you choose to take.

There are so many buses almost every hour heading to kalpitiya from Pettah bus station. Pettah has two difrent bus stand one is private and the other is public.

Except of the direct bus you can combine also 2 buses to arrive to kalpitiya , first you can get a bus heading to Puttalam, Jaffna , Vavuniya and Anurdhapura then you can change an other one in palavi junction just before Puttalam .

It will be also a good choice to get a train from Fort railway station to Palavi train station .
There are few trains running from Fort railway station every day to Puttalam. You can also check the schedule on Sri Lanka railway public website .
From Palavi train station you can get bus to Kalpitiya .
You can also get a tuktuk from Palavi to valampuri kite resort , it will cost you around 2000 rupee.

From Negombo to Kalpitiya :

kalpitiya is around 140KM from airport, it could take 3 to 5 hours depending on the form of transport you take.

You can get a direct bus from Negombo to Kalpitiya or you can take also take any bus heading to Puttalam , Jaffna , Vavuniya and Anurdhapura but you need to change over Palavi junction just before Puttalam city .
You can also get a train from Negombo to Palavi train station, then a short walk over to kalpitiya bus stop from where you can get a bus to Kalpitiya junction. Do keep in mind last bus from palavi junction leave at 9 PM .

From Kalpitiya – juction to Valampuri kite resort :

The kalpitiya junction is around 1,7 km from our resort so you can just walk to our place or get a tucktuk for 200 rupee.

From airport by minivan :
We can send you a minivan to the airport that you can come to our place easily . It will cost you 70 euro and take around 3 hours to arrive .

From airport by private car :
We can also arrange a private car for you , It’s the fastest and most comfortable way . It will take also around 3 hours or less to arrive and will cost you 65 euro

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