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Why choose us?

The experience we have tailored at the retreat is how we love to live. It is a unique lifestyle and it’s absolutely amazing to be able to share this with our guests. We understand every one’s requirements varies from person to person, we take individual approach and offer personalized service, every one that came in to the resort is special to us. Our local have been trained to take individual approach to all our guests. This unique approach carries even to the accommodation; each and every room is unique.

What the retreat offer and whats the difference ?

Kitesurfing resort, is what most people are here for, we are IKO affiliated kite school, which mean we adhere to IKO standards and safety procedures. All our equipment are almost new, and you get most for your money.

- Space, is what we have most our resort comprise of over 10,000 square meters, and the accommodation is spread around, with garden, and lots of trees, we can certainly say you will not find this much space in any other resort.
- Accommodationstrong we have 4 category of accommodation, chalet, ac, wooden, and terraced. most of the chalets are unique, meaning they are different from one another.
- Location, we are located directly on the kite surfing lagoon, access to various kite surfing spots are easily accessible, and our nearest town is easily accessed, with good road.
- Food, all our food are locally sourced with sea food is our specialty being the seafood, not only non veg we know how to take care of vegans to.

Do i need a visa?

Every one traveling srilanka need visa, as of 1 April 2019, to six month selected countries have their visa fee wavered.
Check here for to see if you are eligible

How many hours of lessons do i need to ride on my own?

Well it depends on you, and your how sporty you are, it can take any where from 6 hours to more then 12 hours.

When is Kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka ?

Soon as the wind kicks in at the beginning of the May – Sept season you’re guaranteed 24/7 kite-able conditions! In the winter season, Dec – Mar we get around 4 to 5 days of good wind per week.

Can we kite in front of resort?

Kiting is possible, but launching and landing is not easy; one side of lagoon is surrounded by trees, No other resort is directly on the spot.

How far is kiting spot?

Since we are directly on the lagoon, it takes less then 10 minute by boat to go to other side of sand bank, where you can launch and land more easily.

Is wind gusty?

Main lagoon can get gusty in summer, it is ideal for beginner; shallow and flat, Fortunately we have other spots not so gusty in summer.

Is the lagoon very busy?

Although it can get more crowded during the peak kite season (June – Aug), it’s always quiet enough to comfortably and safely ride, practice and teach.

Which kite size should I bring?

Depending on season, summer 9 meter to 12 meter, winter 11 meter to 14 meter, it all depends on your weight, remember to pack two kite sizes, some times we may have low wind.

How long is valampuri kite resort form airport?

We are about 140 Km from airport

Which is the best way to get to valampuri kite resort?

You can come by bus, taxy or train and bus, If you land late you cant’s get bus and train , with taxi you can travel any time

Which is better credit card or cash?

We accept card,Paypal, Euro, Usd but if you pay with card we will apply bank carge of 3.5% most places will only prefer cash, you can exchage money in airport and in kalpitiya. Payment option paypal 5% transferwise.

What is local custom regarding tips and service charge

When it comes to established restaurants and hotels charge service charge of 10%, when there no service charge you are expected to leave a tip.We don’t charge service charge, price quoted on the website is final

What do i need to bring with me?

- Strong sun cream
- Water hat
- Water shoe
- Mosquito spray
- Respectable clothing if you are visiting town or any temples
- This depends on your weight of course. The most common used sizes are 9’s and 8’s in the main season, and 12’s and 10’s in the winter season.

What happens if there is no wind?

Season is predictably accurate, we do get no wind days, it can last from two to three days, if you don’t undertake lessons you will not be charged,you can undertake other activities.

What if I damage a rental kite?

Before any rental period starts you will need to sign our rental agreement which states you are liable for any damage to the kite that was obviously caused by you or your negligence. Any damage that occurs through normal use will not be charged to you.

What does Full Board mean?

This means we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner only.
(Soft drink and bottled drink not included)

What is our star category?

We consider our self 4 star, cos of the facilities and service we provide, but not all rooms are categorized as 4 star cos they dont have a/c

Are kite trips safe?

Yes, we have a very reliable and safety boat, which can get you to shore extremely fast in case something happens. Our instructors are all first-aid certified and have first-aid kits and loads of water with them at all times.

Which payment we accept?

Euro, USD, or GBP and Local currency; credit card carry a 3.5% bank fee.

What time we go to lagoon for kite-surfing?

from resort 9.30 am to 12.30 kite-beach, after lunch from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm back to resort.