Dolphin watching in kalpitiya

dolphin watching kalpitiya

kalpitiya is firmly fixed on the map to see dolphin for dolphin watching, because of its location and close proximity to international airport. Pods of over 1000 dolphin live just offshore all throughout the year, but its possible see dolphins during December to April when the sea is lot calmer and the small fising boats to travel.

Spinner Dolphins are the most common with Bottlenose, Risso and Indo-Pacific. Humpback Dolphins are seeing regularly.

Sperm Whales, orca whale can be spotted

Government has recently implemented discriminatory  fee of 10$ per foreign visitors


dolphin watching in kalpitiya best route

dolphin watching best route

SEASONDolphin Watching – October (Mid October) – MayWhale Watching – Best months are FEB/MAR/APR. But luckily you will see whales during dolphin season as well.
DURATION3 – 4 Hours
DEPARTURE LOCATIONSFrom vlampuri kite resort
PEOPLEMaximum 6 in a Boat
PRICE (Locals)Dolphin Watching
BOAT price Starting from LKR 10,000/= to LKR 12,500/=
(Up to 6 people can travel in a Boat).
Note – During Dolphin Watching tour luckily whales can be seen.Whale Watching
Starting from LKR 15,000/= for a Boat
(Up to 5 people can travel in a Boat).
PRICE (Foreigners)Dolphin Watching 
US$100 for 2 persons Including “Wild Life Tickets”.  
Each additional person US$30 Including “Wild Life Ticket”
Note – During Dolphin Watching tour luckily whales can be seen.Whale Watching 
US$120 for 2 persons Including “Wild Life Tickets”.
Each additional person US$35 Including “Wild Life Ticket”.
Boat TransferDrinking Water
Life JacketsWild Life Ticket
Transfer between your hotel to our center.
Tips for the boat operator.
ADDITIONAL NOTESWe do tours if the weather condition is proper only.
FREE Cancellation prior 1 day of arrival.
 Each person (even child) in the boat will be counted as an adult.Only for house guestBreakfast can be provided

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