Massage and massage lessons & benifits

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Massage Hut Massage and massage lessons @ Valampuri resort Why do you want to try us for massage or massage lessons? Trained experienced massage therapist available between 08:00 am to 06:00 pm by appointments only Specially designed sports massage available for kite surfers Customize massage sessions available according to your preference Four hours of massage lessons – hand on training … Read More

Wilpattu national park and copper sand safari

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Wilpattu national park and copper sand safari Enjoy the wild life adventure with the historical Aryan prince Vijaya’s landing point Wilpattu is Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest national park, name derives from Tamil language, “willu” means lakes and “pattu” means ten. The Aryan prince Vijaya landed and found princess Kuveni at copper sand according to mahawansa Sri Lankan history. Earlier … Read More

About Kalpitiya sri lanka

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Historical Background:   The history of Kalpitiya goes beyond the period of the Portuguese, Dutch and Arabs’ arrival to Sri Lanka. According to “Mahawansa” Aryan prince Vijaya landed in “thambapanni” (now its call thammannawa- copper sand or kudirai malai) with his brigade and found princess Kuweni. When the Arabs’ engaged themselves in business on the sea routes, they discovered the … Read More

Culinary art at valampuri kite resort

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Everyone knows cooking is an art. Dishes are varying nation to nation even within the nation. As a multi cultural nation we are enriched with varies of dishes. As rice and curry is main meal of sri Lankans we are happy to introduce the way of authentic sri lankan cooking art with local ingredients and spices (once sri lanka occupied … Read More


Why choose us? The experience we have tailored at the retreat is how we love to live. It is a unique lifestyle and it’s absolutely amazing to be able to share this with our guests. We understand every one’s requirements varies from person to person, we take individual approach and offer personalized service, every one that came in to the … Read More

‘Fun in the Sun’ – Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya

a ˜Fun in the Sun“ Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya If you love to experience life under the ocean and sightseeing the dolphins flipping and swimming around, we have the right place and the perfect entertainment for you. For the girl with a bucket list, for the father planning to take his kids on a trip, for boy day out or … Read More

6 Reasons to Visit Kalpitiya by valampuri resort

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crane fishing in mangroves 6 Reasons to Visit Kalpitiya Kalpitiya, set right at the edge of a peninsula on the western coast of Sri Lanka, is a popular tourism site (although its remained relatively quiet and chill, adding to its appeal), and its not very hard to see why. Here are five of the main reasons. Make sure you dont … Read More

My First Day Kitesurfing in srilanka with valampuri kite resort

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When I first came to Kalpitiya with my girlfriend, we had no idea wed be taking a kite surfing course. We managed to spend over a month in Sri Lanka without even getting on a regular surfboard, even though every single person whos heard we were coming here asked well, have you learned how to surf yet?. Its understandable. One … Read More


斯里兰卡的海豚 和大多数聪明的水生物一样,海豚是很友好和调皮的。在卡尔皮蒂耶海岸聚集了大量各种类的海豚。之前遭到猎杀,现在在斯里兰卡,他们成为受保护品种,数量有所增长。该地区干净温和的水质环境非常适合这些友好调皮的海豚生活。   11月到4月一般是观海豚最佳的时间段,因为这个时间段正是它们从冬天寒冷水域迁徙过来的时间。你能看到的海豚种类包括普通海豚,宽吻海豚,旋转海豚,Risso海豚和驼背海豚。   斯里兰卡一日游将带你去海上最好的观豚点,看不同种类海豚从水里跃起或者只是上来呼吸一些新鲜空气,听他们在水里互相交流和欢鸣。   卡尔皮蒂耶周围的水域还因为有一些品种的鲸而有名 – 绝大多数是抹香鲸 – 4月到9月这段时期能看到的。和海豚相比,他们行踪更难琢磨,如果你看到了这些巨型鲸,可以说是很幸运了。 旋转海豚在斯里兰卡观豚游中特别常见,这些海豚是海中的杂技者,他们拥有细长的鼻子,并且能长到2米长。他们因为他们的杂技技巧,特别是跃出水面之后在空中旋转而闻名。他们优美的同步翻筋斗和跳跃是非常值得一看的。这些海豚非常的社交,他们数千只一起成群前行。一群有时能达到2000只之多。在特别清晰的日子里,甚至可以在海岸边看到旋转海豚。   除了旋转海豚,驼背豚和宽吻海豚也在卡尔皮蒂耶海滨居住,驼背海豚背部拥有很明显的一个驼峰,并且经常可以在海滨附近看见,而宽吻海豚则拥有其不可忽视的细长鼻。宽吻海豚也是非常聪明,他们用高声调的“吱~”交流。   Risso豚在这些海域也能看见,他们拥有方方的头和长长的背鳍。这些海豚能长到4米,但他们的身体一般都因为玩耍的打斗而都有疤。可以看到海豚在咀嚼河豚中达到嗑药的高潮。 卡尔皮蒂耶是观海豚巨佳的地方,因为它的地理位置以及其距离国际机场非常近。全年有超过1000只海豚聚集在这片海上,当海很平静,小船航行时,在12月到4月也能看到海豚。   将在早上7:30集合,然后招待上船,休息片刻,我们出发出海。   卡尔皮蒂耶是斯里兰卡很新的一个观豚地,直到2005因在海滨看到一大群旋转海豚而被重视,他们在与卡尔皮蒂耶半岛平行的区域带状游行,这片区域现被称为海豚湾。卡尔皮蒂耶现已成为斯里兰卡一主要的景点,特别是对水相关探险有兴趣的旅客而言。   卡尔皮蒂耶最佳观豚时期为11月到3月/4月之间。这期间条件非常不错,因为水域还是很平静,可以看到一系列不同的海中哺乳类动物。平静的水域增加了可视度,使在远处也能看见海豚。 旋转海豚是最为常见的海豚种类之一,而宽吻海豚,Risso豚,印度洋海域和驼背豚则为有时能看见。   卡尔皮蒂耶观鲸   如果您想参加观鲸项目,3月或4月的卡尔皮蒂耶是很好的选择,这期间很多抹香鲸出现在附近。抹香鲸是有牙猎食者中最大的。此品种的鲸现已列入濒危物种名列。事实上,因为长年的捕猎,很多抹香鲸品种现在已经灭绝了。您可以很容易的辨认出拥有巨型头的他们,他们是地球上拥有最大大脑的动物。   抹香鲸头内拥有不寻常的流体,他们被认为是帮助这巨型的哺乳动物浮于水面的原因,但是科学并没有证实这点,在冷水中,大脑中的流体成为蜡状。你可以经常看到他们三五成群。当然一群15或者20只也不少见,50只的一大群也有被看到过。   抹香鲸附近也容易看到浮游的海鸟。这些鸟在海上生活,以捕鱼为生。他们有时会到岸边寻找交配的伴侣,但一般您需要出海才能看到他们。   政府最近对国外游客实施了每位游客10美金的收费。   季节 观海豚 – 10月(10月中旬)– 5月 观鲸 – 最好的月份为2月/3月/4月 当然运气好的话,也能在海豚季节看到鲸。 出发时间 大约早上7点 时长 3 – 4小时 出发地 万浪普瑞度假村 人数 每艘船最多6人 价格 (本地人) 观海豚 船价约12000斯里兰卡卢比(每船最多6人)注 – … Read More


当您来到斯里兰卡,入住万浪普瑞风筝度假村,您必须试试这个泄湖游(白天/晚上野营)。一个 经验丰富友好的向导,积极正面的氛围环境使您的游览/野营舒适美好,我们会安排包括正餐,饮品,帐篷垫和所有其他和你的游览相关的物品。您将有幸看到野生动物,水生物,还有红树林,猴面包树和让人印象深刻的景象。还有很多惊喜在那里。 可参观的地方和可做的事 红树林 看鸟 渔民小村 750年历史的猴面包树 荷兰运河 私人沙滩 如有需求可提供BBQ 河泳 野营 具体细节&价格 开始时间: 早上10:00从度假村出发 包括的项目: 船运/餐/饮用水/茶或水果饮料 不包括:– 价格:仅每人30美金 游览照片: