Massage and massage lessons & benefits


Massage and massage lessons & benefits

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Massage Hut
Massage and massage lessons @ Valampuri resort
Why do you want to try us for massage or massage lessons?
Trained experienced massage therapist available between 08:00 am to 06:00 pm by appointments only
Specially designed sports massage available for kite surfers
Customize massage sessions available according to your preference
Four hours of massage lessons – hand on training
Sessions just starting from 20 Euros

Personalized sports massage for kite surfers and other sports people

Pre event massage for kite surfers/ other sports people ( 15 minutes )

This is a great option for kite/windsurfers and other sports enthusiasts (kayaking/cycling/diving, etc.). Our personalized pre-event sports massage uses a combination of different techniques to improve flexibility, increase strength, and energize you for your activities.

Post event massage for kite surfers/ other sports people ( 60 minutes )

Soothe and recharge yourself with our personalized full body treatment after your kite surfing (wind surfing/cycling/diving or other sports).

Reduce your mental and physical stress, relieve pain and tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, recover from muscle injuries, and relax with our personalized full body treatment.

Relaxing massage (customize)

Customize your massage session from 30 to 90 minutes to fit your needs. Choose from head and neck, neck and back, back and leg, leg and foot, head and face, or full body. Don't hesitate to discuss any special needs with our masseur.

Head, foot, palm and face massage (60 minutes)

Did you know that there are 360 main pressure points and 14 meridians in the human body? By stimulating these pressure points, you can keep your inner organs active and promote a healthy, wealthy lifestyle. Relax and calm your mind, stimulate your inner power, and enjoy your holiday with our masseurs' magical touch on your pressure points.

Beginners massage (60 minutes)

Exclusively for first-timers. Try once and feel what a massage could do to your mind, body, and soul. Massage helps you to be healthy, pleasant, reduce obesity, obtain shiny strong hair, keep a good complexion, keep your mind calm, and relax yourself, etc.

Face massage (30 minutes)

Age is not a matter anymore. Change your appearance with the magical touch of our masseur. Try our anti-aging face massage session to get rid of wrinkles and tiredness.

Massage lessons (04 hours)

Learn and practice basic massage techniques with our trained friendly masseur.
Don't miss out on this great opportunity during your holiday. After the lesson, you will be able to please your partner or friend with a memorable massage session.
Free learning materials and assistance are provided.

Benefits of massage

Massage helps to

• Refresh and energize your mind , body and soul
• Relieve pain (Release of endorphin- natural pain reliever )
• Reduce muscle spasms and cramping
• Regulate blood circulation
• Regulate blood pressure
• Relive headache
• Relive back pain
• Relax body , mind and soul
• Strengthen immune system
• Restore lymph system
• Improve posture
• relieve digestive disorders
• restore healthy sleep
• keep skin tone and younger appearance
• Prevent premature hair fall and hair graying
• Relive from insomnia
• Reduce obesity
• Get rid of wrinkles on skin