Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya


‘Fun in the Sun’ – Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya

Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya

a ˜Fun in the Sun“ Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya

If you love to experience life under the ocean and sightseeing the dolphins flipping and swimming around, we have the right place and the perfect entertainment for you.

For the girl with a bucket list, for the father planning to take his kids on a trip, for boy day out or even a bachelor party, the perfect place to visit is Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka.

Why should you choose Kalpitiya?

Kalpitiya is the most common and popular city for Dolphin watching. Most people have experienced a large number of dolphins than elsewhere. The best part is, Kalpitiya is a tourist destination and you can find the perfect resort with all the luxuries and good food in the same city. Watching dolphins swim alongside under your boat while they leap out of the ocean is truly soothing and an unforgettable experience.

All You need to Know about Kalpitiya and their Dolphins

Kalpitiya is a city full of dolphins. You may be able to have a great view of dolphins, around few pods numbering few thousands.. November to April is the best time of the year for dolphin watching. During this time of the year, the sea is calm and it is the perfect season to watch a huge number of dolphins and also catch a glimpse of other sea mammals. The calm sea allows you to spot dolphins from further away.

Types of Dolphins found:

The most commonly seen dolphins are Spinner dolphins. These dolphins are known for their long, slender snouts and are the entertainers of the ocean. They grow up to two meters. Acrobatic skills and their famous spins through the air make them most popular. Synchronized somersaults and flips are proudly performed by these dolphins and it is indeed an extremely beautiful sight to experience. These dolphins carry a friendly nature and are sociable; they travel in large pods, as much as a thousand dolphins. Spinner dolphins can be spotted from the shore.

Humpback dolphins are very true to their name. These species are identified by their very noticeable hump on the back. These are often seen close to the shore.

Bottlenose dolphins are a kind which has a snout and is known to be highly intelligent. These dolphins use high-pitchs-queaks to communicate.

Risso’s dolphin are spotted in these waters too. The have square heads and long dorsal fins. They are capable of growing up to four meters. They are known to be playful and fighting, which causes scars on their bodies.

Now you know all the details about the dolphins and this city in Sri Lanka. Check out our information on the accommodation, what to do and what not to do. Before you book the tickets you need to first consider the weather and also, if you are a person likely to get seasick, carry the appropriate medication with you. Furthermore, suitable clothing, footwear and safety measures should be taken into consideration.