The word "Valampuri" in the Tamil language means "Left Spiral". It describes a rare shell, one in a million, which uniquely spirals counter-clockwise. Hindus believe it brings wealth and success.

These are the ideas we had in mind when creating our eco-resort: learning from nature's wisdom, finding a unique path and forming a space that allows the visitor to spiral inwards.

Our cabins all look similar on the outside, but on the inside each one is uniquely designed, combining natural, locally-sourced, recycled materials and traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship. They are not sealed off from the outside - nature is invited to come in.

We only accommodate up to 13 people at a time, on a property of 2.5 acres. This keeps the space tranquil and peaceful, perfect for yoga and meditation practice, or just lazing around.

Our food is a gentle fusion of Sri Lankan and western dishes, made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. We are vegetarian-, vegan-, raw-vegan- and gluten-free-friendly.

Our staff members are all from the surrounding communities, and we are committed to their advancement.