Pricing Guide

half board lessonsPEOPLEHOURSPRICE
3 days/ 2 night1 Person6 hours284€ / half board *
3 days/2 night2 People6 hours384 € / half board *
7 days/6 Night1 Person9 hours452 € / half board *
7 days/ 6 Night2 People9 hours704€ / half board *
half board & rentalpeopleprice
* Accommodation in a Traditional Chalet with Ensuit Bathroom and Double Bed
* Free Wi-Fi
* Kitesurfing Lessons in hours (Includes al gear and equipment plus transfer to lessons location)
* 3 Meals per day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
* AC rooms available at additional charge
* includes transfer via car, if you dont need transfer we can discount the transfer fee of 100 euro
Kite Storage5 € per day
Wash and dry of all kite equipment at the end of your stay10 € *
Boat transfer to Lagoon, Beach Hut with Beach Boy assistance4 € per day *
massage therapyfrom 20 €
Boat Rescue1st Rescue is free, there after 5 € per rescue *
* Boat transfer to the lagoon and back, beach hut usage and beach boy assistance is free for clients who have lessons and who are renting equipment
* Rescue services are free of charge for all students having kite lesson
Private9 hours350 € *
Couple9 hours500 € *
Private6 hours250 € *
Couple6 hours350 € *
Private1 hours50 € *
Couple1 hours60 € *
* Includes all gear and transport to and from the lesson location
* Group / Couple prices are full price for two people
* Pro rata charges will only apply on 80% completion of the preferred kite course. Hourly rates will apply otherwise
* All lessons are charged per hourly basis. Part hourly rates will only apply under certain circumstances, Eg. no wind
* One hour sports massage for 9 hour lesson
Item1/2 Day1 Day3 Days or more
Full equipment40 € *60 € *55 € per day *
Kite only30 € *40 € *35 € per day *
Bar and lines only10 € *15 € *15 € per day *
Board only15 € *20 € *20 € per day *
Harness only10 € *10 € *10 € per day *
Water shoes only5 € *5 € *5 € per day *
* Riders must be able to show valid IKO Level 3K license or equivalent or demonstrate the necessary skills
required of an independent rider including riding upwind among other riders and being able to retrieve a
lost board upwind of the rider.
(if customer has no IKO card, a 1 Hour Private lesson is required to prove kiting ability)
* Any damage to equipment will be charged to the customer to the value of a repair PLUS depreciation
value on the equipment unless insurance is taken out

Kitegear Insurance

PeriodPer day
Price25 € per day
* Rental insurance is not mandatory, but it is advised to take out insurance as it can save you a lot of cost
in case of damage to the rented equipment. Rental insurance covers up to 150 Euro for damaged
equipment. Severely damaged equipment above 150 Euro will be analysed and the remaining costs will be
charged to the client. Please note that the rental insurance only covers certain damages up to a certain
amount. Kite equipment damage insurance DOES NOT COVER negligence, damage due to collision with other
kiters or objects, theft or loss!
AccommodationHalf board
Eco Cabana / For One, Two or Three People25 € per person *
Deluxe Villa / For Two or Three People (Minimum 2 People)35 € per person *
Terraced / For One, Two or Three People 17 € per person **
* Half Board consists of Breakfast and Dinner
* 5 € per person extra for Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
* Beverages at meal times include Coffee, Tea or Water
* Have a nice cool down in our swimming pool or enjoy free use of our kayaks 🙂
* Daily boat ride is free if you take lesson or rent equipment from us
** Terraced accommodation is available from June 15
TripOne WayTwo Way
Airport Transfer60 €110 €
Vellai IslandN/A50 € per person for 2 people or 40 € per person for 3 or more people **
Dream SpotN/A35 € per person for 2 people or 25 € per person for 3 or more people *
Kappaladi LagoonN/A25 € per person for 2 people or 15 € per person for 3 or more people *
Mandala KudaN/A10 € per person for 2 people or 6 € per person for 3 or more people *
Donkey PointN/A12 € per person for 2 people or 8€ per person for 3 or more people *